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occmodel is a small library which gives a high level access to the OpenCASCADE modelling kernel.

For most users a direct use of the OpenCASCADE modelling kernel can be quite a hurdle as it is a huge library.

The geometry can be visualized with the included viewer. This viewer is utilizing modern OpenGL methods like GLSL shaders and vertex buffers to ensure visual quality and maximum speed. To use the viewer OpenGL version 2.1 is needed.

Most of the code have been adapted from the freecad (GPL 2).

The license is GPL v2.


  • Python 2.7/3.x and Cython 0.17 or later.
  • A working installation of OpenCASCADE (OCE prefered)
  • The geotools library.
  • The optional viewer and demo needs the gltools library.

Note that currently I can not find a way to install the required Cython 'pxd' files with distutils and this file has to be copied manually.

On the Windows platform installers are available on the pypi web site. It is possible to build the module from source with the help of the express edition of Visual Studio, but the process is rather involved compared to Linux.

To complete the windows installation the OpenCASCADE dll's must be installed and placed in the system path. Prebuilt binaries are available on the OCE project site. The python 2.7 module is linked against '' and the python 3.3 module is linked against ''.

For Linux build scripts are available for ArchLinux in the AUR repository. These could be adapted to other Linux distros.


See online Sphinx docs