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A live coding language. An extension to SuperCollider, currently Cocoa only.
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XiiLang			a live coding language interpreter	-  version 3 : November 2011
feedback to: thor[]ixi...

The ixi lang live coding environment is a simple visual system presenting a high entry-level control over synth definitions and samples in SuperCollider. The core idea is to represent events in a spatial layout, thus merging musical code and musical scores. The score is active, i.e., if a method is performed upon the score, it changes in real time.

Download SuperCollider first and then use ixi lang.

If you are new to all this, here are the basic instructions:

SuperCollider is here:

ixi lang is here:

You also need the sc3-plugins from here: (choose the Universal Binary)

1) Put SuperCollider somewhere on your system.
2) Start SuperCollider.
3) You will now have a SuperCollider folder within your "~/Library/Application Support/" folder.
4) Create an "Extensions" folder in there and drop the ixilang classes into that folder.
5) Drag the sc3-plugins folder into the "Extensions" folder as well.
6) Quit and start SuperCollider again and boot the server that is "default" (you can choose either).
7) Type XiiLang() in a new SC document (Apple+N) and evaluate that line (with the cursor in it) with SHIFT+RETURN (buttons pressed in that order)
8) Now follow the instructions of ixi lang in the XiiLang.html helpfile.
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