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Grubby Discards
These are the features that were considered but rejected for one reason or another.
all( filter )
The all modifier is necessary but it cannot take a filter argument.
Allowing people to put a filter in the all modifier may encourage it to be used more generally, which defeats the purpose.
This modifier should only be used when a bulk update or delete is truly needed--a rarity.
A filter cannot be an array of primary key values.
It can either be a single primary key value or an associative array of matched equalities.
Allowing arrays of primary key values was removed because it's confusing.
Example: $table->filter(array(1, 42, 420))
notExpression(expression [, wildcard(s)])
The not expression is unnecessary because filter expressions can be negative expressions without adding the confusing extra negative.
Create on duplicate Update. Example: $table->createUpdate($create_array, $update_array); // one or other
This overcomplicates the library. Look into databases that support this feature. Look for an elegant way to support it.
Remove automatic back ticks. They can be done manually by the person setting up the table,
and they take away the ability to accesss secondary databases.
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