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A Thrift client wrapper for php simplifying the business of connecting to Thrift services.


Set the global PHP Thrift root, include the Thrift_Client class, and load the thrift generated client.

$GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] = '/path/to/thrift/lib/php/src';
require_once 'src/Thrift/Client.php';
require_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'].'/packages/scribe/Scribe.php';

Create a new client with a list of available servers:

$client = new Thrift_Client('Scribe', array('localhost:2112', 'localhost:2113'));

Do normal client stuff:

$entry = new LogEntry(array('category'=>'foo', 'message'=>'bar));

If localhost:2112 is not available, the Thrift_Client will automatically try localhost:2113.


Set the receive timeout in seconds:

$client->timeout = .5


  • Shuffle servers for round-robin load balancing
  • Error and logging callbacks
  • Persistent deadpool management
  • Transport factory (for framed/buffered transports)
  • Stream, memory and null transport support in server list
  • Cleaner thrown exceptions