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A set of directives to simplify your workflow with BEM-markup in Angular applications.
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A set of directives to simplify your workflow with BEM-markup in Angular (v2+) applications.




  • Support for Angular v6+
  • Refactoring


  • Initial release for Angular v2+


$ npm install angular-bem


Import this module to your app:

import { BemModule } from 'angular-bem';

  imports: [ BemModule ]
export class AppModule {}

Now anywhere in your app you can use following syntax:

<div block="my-block" mod="modName">
  <div elem="my-element" mod="modName secondModName"></div>


<div block="my-block" [mod]="{ modName: true }">
  <div elem="my-element" [mod]="{ modName: true, secondModName: true }"></div>

Instead of true you can use any property from the component. Value true will add mod to the block (or elem) and false will remove it.

As a result of module's work the following markup may be produced:

<div class="my-block my-block--mod-name">
  <div class="my-block__my-element my-block__my-element--mod-name my-block__my-element--second-mod-name"></div>

If you use string or number as a value then this value will be used as addition for the mod class like my-block__my-element--mod-name-value.


You can change module behaviour with BemConfig:

import { BemModule } from 'angular-bem';

  separators: ['__', '--', '-'], // el / mod / val separators
  modCase: 'kebab', // case of modifiers names
  ignoreValues: false // cast mod values to booleans
}); // method returns BemModule

It is recommended to set ignoreValues to true but it is set to false by default to support traditional bem-syntax.

Need to know

  • These directives don't affect scope or other directives. So you can use them at ease wherever you want.
  • You can only specify one element or block on single node. This limitation greatly simplify code of module and your app.
  • There is no way to create an element of parent block inside nested block. It's not a component-way. So please avoid it.


MIT © Andrey Yamanov

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