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SIG Swift


The purpose of this special interest group is to host design reviews; discuss upcoming API changes; share the project roadmap; and encourage collaboration in the Swift for TensorFlow (S4TF) open-source community. Members of the S4TF community are encouraged to attend the weekly design sessions, and to share feedback on the project mailing list.


Anyone involved in or interested in Swift for TensorFlow is welcome to join the group. To participate, please join the mailing list ( at the link listed below. Archives of the mailing list will be publicly accessible via the Google Group.



We plan to have a one hour weekly meeting with a public Google Video Conference for S4TF-related discussion. Every subscriber to the mailing list will be invited. We will publish a document for all interested members to add topics. The main goals of these meetings will include, but not be restricted to:

  1. Discussion and review of language decision and API changes.
  2. Roadmap discussions.
  3. Issues, bugs, and compatibility concerns.
  4. Community contributions and ways to get involved.


  • Project lead: Brennan Saeta - saeta at google
  • Product manager: Paige Bailey - webpaige at google
  • For administrative questions, contact Edd Wilder-James @ewilderj - ewj at google

Code of Conduct

As with all forums and spaces related to TensorFlow, SIG Swift is subject to the TensorFlow Code of Conduct.

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