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TensorFlow Docs Translations

This project contains translations of the technical content and Jupyter notebooks published on

Please file issues under the documentation component of the TensorFlow issue tracker. Questions about TensorFlow usage are better addressed on the TensorFlow Forum.


Contributors are encouraged to use our GitLocalize project to submit pull requests and reviews:

General docs instructions are available in the TensorFlow docs contributor guide.

Please sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to contribute to this Google open source project. Check your existing CLA and verify that your email is set on git commits.


To view translated content on, select the in-page language switcher or append ?hl=<lang> to the URL. For example, the TensorFlow quickstart for beginners tutorial is available in:

If a human-translation does not exist, some pages fall back to a machine translation (MT). An MT page is indicated with a banner at the top of the page. If the MT page is not useful or confusing, please click the Switch to English button (and consider providing a human translation through the GitLocalize project).


Source content is aggregated from multiple GitHub repos into the /site/en-snapshot/ directory used for translations. Translations are published to the website on a periodic basis (usually weekly or bi-weekly). If you find an error in the source content, please submit a fix to the upstream repo and not the /site/en-snapshot/ directory in this repo.

Do not translate

Not all content on is translated in this project (or at all). Overview pages and navigation files are translated using another process. does not translate the API reference, old versions, images, or time-sensitive sections like the installation instructions. Non-translated pages are automatically filtered in the GitLocalize interface.


The TensorFlow docs notebook tools are used for formatting and style consistency. This is integrated into the pull request workflow and can be run locally.

Please follow the TensorFlow documentation style guide and the Google developer docs style guide, when applicable.


Official language support is determined by a number of factors including—but not limited to—site metrics and demand, community support, English proficiency, audience preference, and other indicators. Since each supported language incurs a cost, unmaintained languages are removed. Support for new languages will be announced on the TensorFlow blog or Twitter.

The community branch contains community contributed content for languages that are not officially supported by the TensorFlow team. This is an unmaintained archive that you can use for your own open source fork if your preferred language is not supported. Please let us know if you maintain a language! These docs are not published to


Apache License 2.0