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TensorFlow Hub Authors and vbardiovskyg Update colab for universal encoder multilingual model with a semantic…
… search demo.

This demo illustrates how to build a semantic-search application using the Universal Sentence Encoder Multilingual model, the simpleneighbors library and the
News Commentary dataset.

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Latest commit 114b29e Jul 12, 2019
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action_recognition_with_tf_hub.ipynb Small nits in action_recognition_with_tf_hub.ipynb. May 4, 2018
biggan_generation_with_tf_hub.ipynb Update BigGAN demo colab with support for new "BigGAN-deep" models. Mar 5, 2019
cross_lingual_similarity_with_tf_hub_multilingual_universal_encoder.ipynb Update colab for universal encoder multilingual model with a semantic… Jul 12, 2019
image_feature_vector.ipynb Update image_feature_vector.ipynb to be compatible with python 3 and … Mar 27, 2019
object_detection.ipynb Set GPU as default kernel. Jul 11, 2019
retrieval_with_tf_hub_universal_encoder_qa.ipynb Add note for users to select Python 3 colab runtime. Jul 12, 2019
s3gan_generation_with_tf_hub.ipynb Add TF Hub S3GAN demo Colab. Jun 12, 2019
semantic_similarity_with_tf_hub_universal_encoder.ipynb Fix universal sentence encoder notebook: Jul 3, 2018
semantic_similarity_with_tf_hub_universal_encoder_lite.ipynb Update colab examples to point to version/2 of universal sentence enc… Jun 8, 2018
text_classification_with_tf_hub.ipynb Move content to docs/tutorials. Jun 8, 2018
text_classification_with_tf_hub_on_kaggle.ipynb remove unnecessary cells text classification kaggle colab May 31, 2019
tf2_image_retraining.ipynb Let tf2_image_retraining.ipynb use TF2.0.0 beta1 instead of nightlies. Jun 17, 2019
tf2_text_classification.ipynb Fix links from colab. Mar 4, 2019
tf_hub_delf_module.ipynb Update tf_hub_delf_module.ipynb Aug 3, 2018
tf_hub_generative_image_module.ipynb Rename programmers_guide/ directory to guide/ in tf-hub. Jun 27, 2018
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