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Piano Genie: A discrete latent variable model for piano music

Piano Genie is a system for learning a low-dimensional discrete representation of piano music. By learning a bidirectional mapping into and out of this space, we can create a simple music interface (consisting of a few buttons) which controls the entire piano.

Piano Genie uses an encoder RNN to compress piano sequences (88 keys) into many fewer buttons (e.g. 8). A decoder RNN is responsible for converting the simpler sequences back to piano space


First, set up your development environment. Then, convert some MIDI files into NoteSequence records to build a dataset for Piano Genie.

To train a Piano Genie model, run the following:

bazel run //magenta/models/piano_genie:train -- \
  --dataset_fp=/tmp/piano_genie/chopin_train.tfrecord \

To evaluate a model while it is training, run the following:

bazel run //magenta/models/piano_genie:eval -- \
  --dataset_fp=/tmp/piano_genie/chopin_validation.tfrecord \
  --train_dir=/tmp/piano_genie/training_run \