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Logging in official models

This library adds logging functions that print or save tensor values. Official models should define all common hooks (using hooks helper) and a benchmark logger.

  1. Training Hooks

    Hooks are a TensorFlow concept that define specific actions at certain points of the execution. We use them to obtain and log tensor values during training. provides an easy way to create common hooks. The following hooks are currently defined:

    • LoggingTensorHook: Logs tensor values
    • ProfilerHook: Writes a timeline json that can be loaded into chrome://tracing.
    • ExamplesPerSecondHook: Logs the number of examples processed per second.
    • LoggingMetricHook: Similar to LoggingTensorHook, except that the tensors are logged in a format defined by our data anaylsis pipeline.
  2. Benchmarks

    The benchmark logger provides useful functions for logging environment information, and evaluation results. The module also contains a context which is used to update the status of the run.

Example usage:

from absl import app as absl_app

from official.utils.logs import hooks_helper
from official.utils.logs import logger

def model_main(flags_obj):
  estimator = ...

  benchmark_logger = logger.get_benchmark_logger()

  train_hooks = hooks_helper.get_train_hooks(...)

  for epoch in range(10):
    estimator.train(..., hooks=train_hooks)
    eval_results = estimator.evaluate(...)

    # Log a dictionary of metrics

    # Log an individual metric

def main(_):
  with logger.benchmark_context(flags.FLAGS):

if __name__ == "__main__":
  # define flags
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