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Adversarially trained ImageNet models

Pre-trained ImageNet models from the following papers:


Author: Alexey Kurakin, github: AlexeyKurakin

Pre-requesites and installation

Ensure that you have installed TensorFlow 1.1 or greater (instructions).

You also need copy of ImageNet dataset if you want to run provided example. Follow Preparing the dataset instructions in TF-Slim library to get and preprocess ImageNet data.

Available models

Following pre-trained models are available:

Network Architecture Adversarial training Checkpoint
Inception v3 Step L.L. adv_inception_v3_2017_08_18.tar.gz
Inception v3 Step L.L. on ensemble of 3 models ens3_adv_inception_v3_2017_08_18.tar.gz
Inception v3 Step L.L. on ensemble of 4 models ens4_adv_inception_v3_2017_08_18.tar.gz
Inception ResNet v2 Step L.L. adv_inception_resnet_v2_2017_12_18.tar.gz
Inception ResNet v2 Step L.L. on ensemble of 3 models ens_adv_inception_resnet_v2_2017_08_18.tar.gz

All checkpoints are compatible with TF-Slim implementation of Inception v3 and Inception Resnet v2.

How to evaluate models on ImageNet test data

Python script allow you to evaluate provided models on white-box adversarial examples generated from ImageNet test set.

Usage is following:

# ${MODEL_NAME} - type of network architecture,
#     either "inception_v3" or "inception_resnet_v2"
# ${CHECKPOINT_PATH} - path to model checkpoint
# ${DATASET_DIR} - directory with ImageNet test set
# ${ADV_METHOD} - which method to use to generate adversarial images,
#   supported method:
#     "none" - use clean images from the dataset
#     "stepll" - one step towards least likely class method (StepLL),
#         see for details
#     "stepllnoise" - RAND+StepLL method from
# ${ADV_EPS} - size of adversarial perturbation, ignored when method is none
python \
  --model_name=${MODEL_NAME} \
  --checkpoint_path=${CHECKPOINT_PATH} \
  --dataset_dir=${DATASET_DIR} \
  --batch_size=50 \
  --adversarial_method=${ADV_METHOD} \

Below is an example how to evaluate one of the models on RAND+StepLL adversarial examples:

# Download checkpoint
tar -xvf ens_adv_inception_resnet_v2_2017_08_18.tar.gz
mv ens_adv_inception_resnet_v2.ckpt* ${CHECKPOINT_DIR}
rm ens_adv_inception_resnet_v2_2017_08_18.tar.gz

# Run evaluation
python \
  --model_name=inception_v3 \
  --checkpoint_path=${CHECKPOINT_DIR}/ens_adv_inception_resnet_v2.ckpt \
  --dataset_dir=${DATASET_DIR} \
  --batch_size=50 \
  --adversarial_method=stepllnoise \
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