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dreamdragon Merged commit includes the following changes: (#6726)
246873701  by menglong:

    Missing under meta_architectures/

246857392  by menglong:

    Standardize proto namespace: lstm_object_detection.protos

246625127  by menglong:

    Internal changes.

246596481  by menglong:

    Add License

246580605  by menglong:

    Internal changes

246344626  by menglong:

    Open source interleaved mobilenet v2 model.

244893883  by menglong:

    Introduce multi_input_decoder for interleaved model.

244461016  by menglong:

    Add pre-bottleneck operation to lstm cells to support interleaved model.

244052176  by menglong:

    Update README

244020495  by menglong:

    Add test to rnn_decoder.

243704250  by menglong:

    Duplicate assignment.

243091836  by menglong:

    Move LSTMSSD meta arch into separate folder

242900337  by menglong:

    Modified mobilenet definition for LSTM-SSD

242773195  by menglong:

    Release GroupedConvLSTMCell implementation:

242574736  by menglong:

    Introduce module for quantizated training.

242544306  by menglong:

    lstm_ssd_meta_arch updates, added test
    - LSTMMetaArch to LSTMSSDMetaArch
    - LSTMFeatureExtractor to LSTMSSDFeatureExtractor

241986236  by menglong:

    Move lstm quantization utils to 3rd party.

225922488  by yinxiao:

    Training pipeline fixes.

224839137  by yinxiao:

    Issue fix for lstm object detecion sample config.

224246947  by menglong:

    Fix logging module import


PiperOrigin-RevId: 246873701
Latest commit 58856e2 May 8, 2019

Tensorflow Mobile Video Object Detection

Tensorflow mobile video object detection implementation proposed in the following papers:

"Mobile Video Object Detection with Temporally-Aware Feature Maps",
Liu, Mason and Zhu, Menglong, CVPR 2018.


"Looking Fast and Slow: Memory-Guided Mobile Video Object Detection",
Liu, Mason and Zhu, Menglong and White, Marie and Li, Yinxiao and Kalenichenko, Dmitry



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