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cheerss update the calculation of num_batches_per_epoch
the number of batches per epoch also depends on the number of gpus. it should be `num_batches_per_epoch = (cifar10.NUM_EXAMPLES_PER_EPOCH_FOR_TRAIN / FLAGS.batch_size / FLAGS.num_gpus)`
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BUILD Update Dec 21, 2017 Remove all references to 'tensorflow.models' which is no longer correct Dec 22, 2016 Revert "Flags" Jan 5, 2018 Fix too much value of default max_steps of 2560 epoch to 256 epoch Jun 19, 2018

NOTE: For users interested in multi-GPU, we recommend looking at the newer cifar10_estimator example instead.

CIFAR-10 is a common benchmark in machine learning for image recognition.

Code in this directory demonstrates how to use TensorFlow to train and evaluate a convolutional neural network (CNN) on both CPU and GPU. We also demonstrate how to train a CNN over multiple GPUs.

Detailed instructions on how to get started available at:

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