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# Download small-scale IWSLT15 Vietnames to English translation data for NMT
# model training.
# Usage:
# ./ path-to-output-dir
# If output directory is not specified, "./iwslt15" will be used as the default
# output directory.
mkdir -v -p $OUT_DIR
# Download iwslt15 small dataset from standford website.
echo "Download training dataset train.en and"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/train.en" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/train.en"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/"
echo "Download dev dataset tst2012.en and"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/tst2012.en" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/tst2012.en"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/"
echo "Download test dataset tst2013.en and"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/tst2013.en" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/tst2013.en"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/"
echo "Download vocab file vocab.en and"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/vocab.en" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/vocab.en"
curl -o "$OUT_DIR/" "$SITE_PREFIX/iwslt15.en-vi/"