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Swift for TensorFlow Ops Bindings

This repository contains TensorFlow ops bindings for Swift for TensorFlow.

These bindings are automatically generated from TensorFlow ops specified either using ops registered to the TensorFlow runtime or via a protobuf file similar to ops.pbtxt in the main TensorFlow repo.

How to regenerate the bindings

To regenerate the swift ops bindings, run the following command. Note that this will use the TensorFlow (1.9 or above) python package.

python --output_path=RawOpsGenerated.swift

Documentation gets automatically generated when adding a path to the api_def proto directory. This directory should contain per operator api_def protos with names like api_def_OpName.pbtxt.

python --output_path=RawOpsGenerated.swift --api_def_path=/path/to/tensorflow/core/api_def/base_api