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any chance ur free tonight Maybe not
any updates? No update yet
anything i can do to help? No, but thanks No, but thank you No, but thanks for asking
be safe. I will be Will do my best Thanks, I will
congratulations Thanks thanks Congratulations
cool, let me know when you have time Cool Yes very cool Yeah, cool
drive safe Thank you, I will Home now I will thanks
hang in there, you'll be okay Doing my best Of course we will
happy birthday! Hey, thanks
happy new year! Wish you the same Thanks and same to you
have a safe flight Thanks, love you too Safe travels
hey What is up? How it going? Can I help you?
hey, got a sec? What is up? How it going? Can I help you?
how are you doing? Great and you? I am doing great
how are you feeling Feeling okay A little better Much much better
how was your weekend? It was real good
how you doing Okay and you
hugs. So sweet Thanks sweetie Take care of yourself
i'm bored Sorry to hear that Join the club No you are not
i'm planning on coming next week. let me know if that works. Works Perfect, thanks
i'm sick Sorry to hear that
i'm so happy for you Thanks me too
i'm so hungry Haha me too
i'm sorry No I am sorry Why sorry? No worries love
i'm sorry, i'm going to have to cancel. No I am sorry Why sorry? No worries love
is there anything i can do to help? No, but thanks No, but thanks for asking
lunch? Yes coming
okay. lemme know as soon as you find out. Any more questions? It is done
omg amazing So amazing
on my way Okay see you soon Cool, see you soon Oh wow, ok
oops, mistexted. Oops Haha, oh well That was funny
safe travels. Thanks, love you too Safe travels
so sorry So sorry
sorry, i can't. No worries at all Sorry what?
sorry, i can't do saturday No worries at all
thank you so much. You are so welcome You are so very welcome You are most welcome
thanks for coming It was my pleasure
thanks, this has been great. Glad to help So happy for you
tomorrow would be ideal. Yes it would
tried calling Try again?
ugh, my flight is delayed. Ugh indeed
what are you guys up to tonight? Nothing planned
what day works best for you Any day
what do you want for dinner Your call Whatever is fine
what time will you be home? Not sure why
where are you?!? At my house
wish you were here. I wish the same Me too honey
you're amazing You are too You are amazing I am
you're marvelous You are too
you're the best. I do my best You are the best Well, I try