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syntax = "proto3";
package tensorflow;
option cc_enable_arenas = true;
option java_outer_classname = "DebugProtos";
option java_multiple_files = true;
option java_package = "org.tensorflow.framework";
option go_package = "";
// Option for watching a node in TensorFlow Debugger (tfdbg).
message DebugTensorWatch {
// Name of the node to watch.
// Use "*" for wildcard. But note: currently, regex is not supported in
// general.
string node_name = 1;
// Output slot to watch.
// The semantics of output_slot == -1 is that all outputs of the node
// will be watched (i.e., a wildcard).
// Other negative values of output_slot are invalid and will lead to
// errors currently.
int32 output_slot = 2;
// Name(s) of the debugging op(s).
// One or more than one probes on a tensor.
// e.g., {"DebugIdentity", "DebugNanCount"}
repeated string debug_ops = 3;
// URL(s) for debug targets(s).
// Supported URL formats are:
// - file:///foo/tfdbg_dump: Writes out Event content to file
// /foo/tfdbg_dump. Assumes all directories can be created if they don't
// already exist.
// - grpc://localhost:11011: Sends an RPC request to an EventListener
// service running at localhost:11011 with the event.
// - memcbk:///event_key: Routes tensors to clients using the
// callback registered with the DebugCallbackRegistry for event_key.
// Each debug op listed in debug_ops will publish its output tensor (debug
// signal) to all URLs in debug_urls.
// N.B. Session::Run() supports concurrent invocations of the same inputs
// (feed keys), outputs and target nodes. If such concurrent invocations
// are to be debugged, the callers of Session::Run() must use distinct
// debug_urls to make sure that the streamed or dumped events do not overlap
// among the invocations.
// TODO(cais): More visible documentation of this in g3docs.
repeated string debug_urls = 4;
// Do not error out if debug op creation fails (e.g., due to dtype
// incompatibility). Instead, just log the failure.
bool tolerate_debug_op_creation_failures = 5;
// Options for initializing DebuggerState in TensorFlow Debugger (tfdbg).
message DebugOptions {
// Debugging options
repeated DebugTensorWatch debug_tensor_watch_opts = 4;
// Caller-specified global step count.
// Note that this is distinct from the session run count and the executor
// step count.
int64 global_step = 10;
// Whether the total disk usage of tfdbg is to be reset to zero
// in this call. This is used by wrappers and hooks
// such as the local CLI ones to indicate that the dumped tensors
// are cleaned up from the disk after each
bool reset_disk_byte_usage = 11;
message DebuggedSourceFile {
// The host name on which a source code file is located.
string host = 1;
// Path to the source code file.
string file_path = 2;
// The timestamp at which the source code file is last modified.
int64 last_modified = 3;
// Byte size of the file.
int64 bytes = 4;
// Line-by-line content of the source code file.
repeated string lines = 5;
message DebuggedSourceFiles {
// A collection of source code files.
repeated DebuggedSourceFile source_files = 1;
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