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@goldiegadde goldiegadde released this Oct 16, 2019

Release 1.15.0

This is the last 1.x release for TensorFlow. We do not expect to update the 1.x branch with features, although we will issue patch releases to fix vulnerabilities for at least one year.

Major Features and Improvements

  • As announced, tensorflow pip package will by default include GPU support (same as tensorflow-gpu now) for the platforms we currently have GPU support (Linux and Windows). It will work on machines with and without Nvidia GPUs. tensorflow-gpu will still be available, and CPU-only packages can be downloaded at tensorflow-cpu for users who are concerned about package size.
  • TensorFlow 1.15 contains a complete implementation of the 2.0 API in its compat.v2 module. It contains a copy of the 1.15 main module (without contrib) in the compat.v1 module. TensorFlow 1.15 is able to emulate 2.0 behavior using the enable_v2_behavior() function.
    This enables writing forward compatible code: by explicitly importing either tensorflow.compat.v1 or tensorflow.compat.v2, you can ensure that your code works without modifications against an installation of 1.15 or 2.0.
  • EagerTensor now supports numpy buffer interface for tensors.
  • Add toggles tf.enable_control_flow_v2() and tf.disable_control_flow_v2() for enabling/disabling v2 control flow.
  • Enable v2 control flow as part of tf.enable_v2_behavior() and TF2_BEHAVIOR=1.
  • AutoGraph translates Python control flow into TensorFlow expressions, allowing users to write regular Python inside tf.function-decorated functions. AutoGraph is also applied in functions used with, tf.distribute and tf.keras APIS.
  • Adds enable_tensor_equality(), which switches the behavior such that:
    • Tensors are no longer hashable.
    • Tensors can be compared with == and !=, yielding a Boolean Tensor with element-wise comparison results. This will be the default behavior in 2.0.
  • Auto Mixed-Precision graph optimizer simplifies converting models to float16 for acceleration on Volta and Turing Tensor Cores. This feature can be enabled by wrapping an optimizer class with tf.train.experimental.enable_mixed_precision_graph_rewrite().
  • Add environment variable TF_CUDNN_DETERMINISTIC. Setting to "true" or "1" forces the selection of deterministic cuDNN convolution and max-pooling algorithms. When this is enabled, the algorithm selection procedure itself is also deterministic.
  • TensorRT
    • Migrate TensorRT conversion sources from contrib to compiler directory in preparation for TF 2.0.
    • Add additional, user friendly TrtGraphConverter API for TensorRT conversion.
    • Expand support for TensorFlow operators in TensorRT conversion (e.g.
      Gather, Slice, Pack, Unpack, ArgMin, ArgMax,DepthSpaceShuffle).
    • Support TensorFlow operator CombinedNonMaxSuppression in TensorRT conversion which
      significantly accelerates object detection models.

Breaking Changes

  • Tensorflow code now produces 2 different pip packages: tensorflow_core containing all the code (in the future it will contain only the private implementation) and tensorflow which is a virtual pip package doing forwarding to tensorflow_core (and in the future will contain only the public API of tensorflow). We don't expect this to be breaking, unless you were importing directly from the implementation.
  • TensorFlow 1.15 is built using devtoolset7 (GCC7) on Ubuntu 16. This may lead to ABI incompatibilities with extensions built against earlier versions of TensorFlow.
  • Deprecated the use of constraint= and .constraint with ResourceVariable.
  • tf.keras:
    • OMP_NUM_THREADS is no longer used by the default Keras config. To configure the number of threads, use tf.config.threading APIs.
    • tf.keras.model.save_model and now defaults to saving a TensorFlow SavedModel.
    • keras.backend.resize_images (and consequently, keras.layers.Upsampling2D) behavior has changed, a bug in the resizing implementation was fixed.
    • Layers now default to float32, and automatically cast their inputs to the layer's dtype. If you had a model that used float64, it will probably silently use float32 in TensorFlow2, and a warning will be issued that starts with Layer "layer-name" is casting an input tensor from dtype float64 to the layer's dtype of float32. To fix, either set the default dtype to float64 with tf.keras.backend.set_floatx('float64'), or pass dtype='float64' to each of the Layer constructors. See tf.keras.layers.Layer for more information.
    • Some tf.assert_* methods now raise assertions at operation creation time (i.e. when this Python line executes) if the input tensors' values are known at that time, not during the When this happens, a noop is returned and the input tensors are marked non-feedable. In other words, if they are used as keys in feed_dict argument to, an error will be raised. Also, because some assert ops don't make it into the graph, the graph structure changes. A different graph can result in different per-op random seeds when they are not given explicitly (most often).

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • tf.estimator:
    • tf.keras.estimator.model_to_estimator now supports exporting to tf.train.Checkpoint format, which allows the saved checkpoints to be compatible with model.load_weights.
    • Fix tests in canned estimators.
    • Expose Head as public API.
    • Fixes critical bugs that help with DenseFeatures usability in TF2
    • Promoting unbatch from experimental to core API.
    • Adding support for datasets as inputs to from_tensors and from_tensor_slices and batching and unbatching of nested datasets.
  • tf.keras:
    • tf.keras.estimator.model_to_estimator now supports exporting to tf.train.Checkpoint format, which allows the saved checkpoints to be compatible with model.load_weights.
    • Saving a Keras Model using now saves the list of variables, trainable variables, regularization losses, and the call function.
    • Deprecated tf.keras.experimental.export_saved_model and tf.keras.experimental.function. Please use tf.keras.models.save_model(..., save_format='tf') and tf.keras.models.load_model instead.
    • Add an implementation=3 mode for tf.keras.layers.LocallyConnected2D and tf.keras.layers.LocallyConnected1D layers using tf.SparseTensor to store weights, allowing a dramatic speedup for large sparse models.
    • Enable the Keras compile API experimental_run_tf_function flag by default. This flag enables single training/eval/predict execution path. With this 1. All input types are converted to Dataset. 2. When distribution strategy is not specified this goes through the no-op distribution strategy path. 3. Execution is wrapped in tf.function unless run_eagerly=True is set in compile.
    • Raise error if batch_size argument is used when input is dataset/generator/keras sequence.
  • tf.lite
    • Add GATHER support to NN API delegate.
    • tflite object detection script has a debug mode.
    • Add delegate support for QUANTIZE.
    • Added evaluation script for COCO minival.
    • Add delegate support for QUANTIZED_16BIT_LSTM.
    • Converts hardswish subgraphs into atomic ops.
  • Add support for defaulting the value of cycle_length argument of to the number of schedulable CPU cores.
  • parallel_for: Add converter for MatrixDiag.
  • Add narrow_range attribute to QuantizeAndDequantizeV2 and V3.
  • Added new op: tf.strings.unsorted_segment_join.
  • Add HW acceleration support for topK_v2.
  • Add new TypeSpec classes.
  • CloudBigtable version updated to v0.10.0.
  • Expose Head as public API.
  • Update docstring for gather to properly describe the non-empty batch_dims case.
  • Added tf.sparse.from_dense utility function.
  • Improved ragged tensor support in TensorFlowTestCase.
  • Makes the a-normal form transformation in Pyct configurable as to which nodes are converted to variables and which are not.
  • ResizeInputTensor now works for all delegates.
  • Add EXPAND_DIMS support to NN API delegate TEST: expand_dims_test
  • tf.cond emits a StatelessIf op if the branch functions are stateless and do not touch any resources.
  • tf.cond, tf.while and if and while in AutoGraph now accept a nonscalar predicate if has a single element. This does not affect non-V2 control flow.
  • tf.while_loop emits a StatelessWhile op if the cond and body functions are stateless and do not touch any resources.
  • Refactors code in Quant8 LSTM support to reduce TFLite binary size.
  • Add support of local soft device placement for eager op.
  • Add HW acceleration support for LogSoftMax.
  • Added a function nested_value_rowids for ragged tensors.
  • Add guard to avoid acceleration of L2 Normalization with input rank != 4
  • Add tf.math.cumulative_logsumexp operation.
  • Add tf.ragged.stack.
  • Fix memory allocation problem when calling AddNewInputConstantTensor.
  • Delegate application failure leaves interpreter in valid state.
  • Add check for correct memory alignment to MemoryAllocation::MemoryAllocation().
  • Extracts NNAPIDelegateKernel from
  • Added support for FusedBatchNormV3 in converter.
  • A ragged to dense op for directly calculating tensors.
  • Fix accidental quadratic graph construction cost in graph-mode tf.gradients().
  • The precision_mode argument to TrtGraphConverter is now case insensitive.

Thanks to our Contributors

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as:

a6802739, Aaron Ma, Abdullah Selek, Abolfazl Shahbazi, Ag Ramesh, Albert Z. Guo, Albin Joy, Alex Itkes, Alex Sergeev, Alexander Pivovarov, Alexey Romanov, alhkad, Amit Srivastava, amoitra, Andrew Lihonosov, Andrii Prymostka, Anuj Rawat, Astropeak, Ayush Agrawal, Bairen Yi, Bas Aarts, Bastian Eichenberger, Ben Barsdell, Benjamin Peterson, bhack, Bharat Raghunathan, Bhavani Subramanian, Bryan Cutler, candy.dc, Cao Zongyan, Captain-Pool, Casper Da Costa-Luis, Chen Guoyin, Cheng Chang, chengchingwen, Chong Yan, Choong Yin Thong, Christopher Yeh, Clayne Robison, Coady, Patrick, Dan Ganea, David Norman, Denis Khalikov, Deven Desai, Diego Caballero, Duncan Dean, Duncan Riach, Dwight J Lyle, Eamon Ito-Fisher, eashtian3, EFanZh, ejot, Elroy Ashtian Jr, Eric Schweitz, Fangjun Kuang, Fei Hu, fo40225, formath, Fred Reiss, Frederic Bastien, Fredrik Knutsson, G. Hussain Chinoy, Gabriel, gehring, George Grzegorz Pawelczak, Gianluca Varisco, Gleb Popov, Greg Peatfield, Guillaume Klein, Gurpreet Singh, Gustavo Lima Chaves, haison, Haraldur TóMas HallgríMsson, HarikrishnanBalagopal, HåKon Sandsmark, I-Hong, Ilham Firdausi Putra, Imran Salam, Jason Zaman, Jason Zavaglia, jayhpark530, jefby, Jeff Daily, Jeffrey Poznanovic, Jekyll Lai, Jeroen BéDorf, Jerry Shih, jerryyin, jiakai, JiangXIAO, Joe Bowser, Joel Shapiro, Johan Gunnarsson, Jojimon Varghese, Joon, Josh Beal, Julian Niedermeier, Jun Wan, Junqin Zhang, Junyuan Xie, Justin Tunis, Kaixi Hou, Karl Lessard, Karthik Muthuraman, Kbhute-Ibm, khanhlvg, Koock Yoon, kstuedem, Kyuwon Kim, Lakshay Tokas, leike666666, leonard951, Leslie-Fang, Leslie-Fang-Intel, Li, Guizi, Lukas Folle, Lukas Geiger, Mahmoud Abuzaina, Manraj Singh Grover, Margaret Maynard-Reid, Mark Ryan, Matt Conley, Matthew Bentham, Matthew Denton, mbhuiyan, mdfaijul, Mei Jie, merturl, MichaelKonobeev, Michal W. Tarnowski, minds, mpppk, musikisomorphie, Nagy Mostafa, Nayana Thorat, Neil, Niels Ole Salscheider, Niklas SilfverströM, Niranjan Hasabnis, ocjosen, olramde, Pariksheet Pinjari, Patrick J. Lopresti, Patrik Gustavsson, per1234, PeterLee, Phan Van Nguyen Duc, Phillip Kravtsov, Pooya Davoodi, Pranav Marathe, Putra Manggala, Qingqing Cao, Rajeshwar Reddy T, Ramon ViñAs, Rasmus Diederichsen, Reuben Morais, richardbrks, robert, RonLek, Ryan Jiang, saishruthi, Saket Khandelwal, Saleem Abdulrasool, Sami Kama, Sana-Damani, Sergii Khomenko, Severen Redwood, Shubham Goyal, Sigrid Keydana, Siju Samuel, sleighsoft, smilu97, Son Tran, Srini511, srinivasan.narayanamoorthy, Sumesh Udayakumaran, Sungmann Cho, Tae-Hwan Jung, Taehoon Lee, Takeshi Watanabe, TengLu, terryky, TheMindVirus, ThisIsIsaac, Till Hoffmann, Timothy Liu, Tomer Gafner, Tongxuan Liu, Trent Lo, Trevor Morris, Uday Bondhugula, Vasileios Lioutas, vbvg2008, Vishnuvardhan Janapati, Vivek Suryamurthy, Wei Wang, Wen-Heng (Jack) Chung, wenxizhu, William D. Irons, winstonq, wyzhao, Xiaoming (Jason) Cui, Xinan Jiang, Xinping Wang, Yann-Yy, Yasir Modak, Yong Tang, Yongfeng Gu, Yuchen Ying, Yuxin Wu, zyeric, 王振华 (Zhenhua Wang)

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