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@angersson angersson released this Jan 26, 2018 · 39 commits to r1.5 since this release

Release 1.5.0

Breaking Changes

  • Prebuilt binaries are now built against CUDA 9 and cuDNN 7.
  • Starting from 1.6 release, our prebuilt binaries will use AVX instructions.
    This may break TF on older CPUs.

Major Features And Improvements

  • Eager execution
    preview version is now available.
  • TensorFlow Lite
    dev preview is now available.
  • CUDA 9 and cuDNN 7 support.
  • Accelerated Linear Algebra (XLA):
    • Add complex64 support to XLA compiler.
    • bfloat support is now added to XLA infrastructure.
    • Make ClusterSpec propagation work with XLA devices.
    • Use a determinisitic executor to generate XLA graph.
  • tf.contrib:
    • tf.contrib.distributions:
      • Add tf.contrib.distributions.Autoregressive.
      • Make tf.contrib.distributions QuadratureCompound classes support batch
      • Infer tf.contrib.distributions.RelaxedOneHotCategorical dtype from arguments.
      • Make tf.contrib.distributions quadrature family parameterized by
        quadrature_grid_and_prob vs quadrature_degree.
      • auto_correlation added to tf.contrib.distributions
    • Add tf.contrib.bayesflow.layers, a collection of probabilistic (neural) layers.
    • Add tf.contrib.bayesflow.halton_sequence.
    • Add
    • Add
    • Add new custom transformation:
    • tf.contrib.distributions.bijectors:
      • Add tf.contrib.distributions.bijectors.MaskedAutoregressiveFlow.
      • Add tf.contrib.distributions.bijectors.Permute.
      • Add tf.contrib.distributions.bijectors.Gumbel.
      • Add tf.contrib.distributions.bijectors.Reshape.
      • Support shape inference (i.e., shapes containing -1) in the Reshape bijector.
  • Add streaming_precision_recall_at_equal_thresholds, a method for computing
    streaming precision and recall with O(num_thresholds + size of predictions)
    time and space complexity.
  • Change RunConfig default behavior to not set a random seed, making random
    behavior independently random on distributed workers. We expect this to
    generally improve training performance. Models that do rely on determinism
    should set a random seed explicitly.
  • Replaced the implementation of tf.flags with absl.flags.
  • Add support for CUBLAS_TENSOR_OP_MATH in fp16 GEMM
  • Add support for CUDA on NVIDIA Tegra devices

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Documentation updates:
    • Clarified that you can only install TensorFlow on 64-bit machines.
    • Added a short doc explaining how Estimators save checkpoints.
    • Add documentation for ops supported by the tf2xla bridge.
    • Fix minor typos in the doc of SpaceToDepth and DepthToSpace.
    • Updated documentation comments in mfcc_mel_filterbank.h and mfcc.h to
      clarify that the input domain is squared magnitude spectra and the weighting
      is done on linear magnitude spectra (sqrt of inputs).
    • Change tf.contrib.distributions docstring examples to use tfd alias
      rather than ds, bs.
    • Fix docstring typos in tf.distributions.bijectors.Bijector.
    • tf.assert_equal no longer raises ValueError. It now raises
      InvalidArgumentError, as documented.
    • Update Getting Started docs and API intro.
  • Google Cloud Storage (GCS):
    • Add userspace DNS caching for the GCS client.
    • Customize request timeouts for the GCS filesystem.
    • Improve GCS filesystem caching.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fix bug where partitioned integer variables got their wrong shapes. Before
    • Fix correctness bug in CPU and GPU implementations of Adadelta.
    • Fix a bug in import_meta_graph's handling of partitioned variables when
      importing into a scope. WARNING: This may break loading checkpoints of
      graphs with partitioned variables saved after using import_meta_graph with
      a non-empty import_scope argument.
    • Fix bug in offline debugger which prevented viewing events.
    • Added the WorkerService.DeleteWorkerSession method to the gRPC interface,
      to fix a memory leak. Ensure that your master and worker servers are running
      the same version of TensorFlow to avoid compatibility issues.
    • Fix bug in peephole implementation of BlockLSTM cell.
    • Fix bug by casting dtype of log_det_jacobian to match log_prob in
    • Fix a bug in import_meta_graph's handling of partitioned variables when
    • Ensure tf.distributions.Multinomial doesn't underflow in log_prob.
      Before this change, all partitions of an integer variable were initialized
      with the shape of the unpartitioned variable; after this change they are
      initialized correctly.
  • Other:
    • Add necessary shape util support for bfloat16.
    • Add a way to run ops using a step function to MonitoredSession.
    • Add DenseFlipout probabilistic layer.
    • A new flag ignore_live_threads is available on train. If set to True, it
      will ignore threads that remain running when tearing down infrastructure
      after successfully completing training, instead of throwing a RuntimeError.
    • Restandardize DenseVariational as simpler template for other probabilistic
    • now supports tf.SparseTensor components in dataset elements.
    • It is now possible to iterate over Tensors.
    • Allow SparseSegmentReduction ops to have missing segment IDs.
    • Modify custom export strategy to account for multidimensional sparse float
    • Conv2D, Conv2DBackpropInput, Conv2DBackpropFilter now supports arbitrary
      dilations with GPU and cuDNNv6 support.
    • Estimator now supports Dataset: input_fn can return a Dataset
      instead of Tensors.
    • Add RevBlock, a memory-efficient implementation of reversible residual layers.
    • Reduce BFCAllocator internal fragmentation.
    • Add cross_entropy and kl_divergence to tf.distributions.Distribution.
    • Add tf.nn.softmax_cross_entropy_with_logits_v2 which enables backprop
      w.r.t. the labels.
    • GPU back-end now uses ptxas to compile generated PTX.
    • BufferAssignment's protocol buffer dump is now deterministic.
    • Change embedding op to use parallel version of DynamicStitch.
    • Add support for sparse multidimensional feature columns.
    • Speed up the case for sparse float columns that have only 1 value.
    • Allow sparse float splits to support multivalent feature columns.
    • Add quantile to tf.distributions.TransformedDistribution.
    • Add NCHW_VECT_C support for tf.depth_to_space on GPU.
    • Add NCHW_VECT_C support for tf.space_to_depth on GPU.

API Changes

  • Rename SqueezeDims attribute to Axis in C++ API for Squeeze op.
  • Stream::BlockHostUntilDone now returns Status rather than bool.
  • Minor refactor: move stats files from stochastic to common and remove

Thanks to our Contributors

This release contains contributions from many people at Google, as well as:

Adam Zahran, Ag Ramesh, Alan Lee, Alan Yee, Alex Sergeev, Alexander, Amir H. Jadidinejad,
Amy, Anastasios Doumoulakis, Andrei Costinescu, Andrei Nigmatulin, Anthony Platanios,
Anush Elangovan, arixlin, Armen Donigian, ArtëM Sobolev, Atlas7, Ben Barsdell, Bill Prin,
Bo Wang, Brett Koonce, Cameron Thomas, Carl Thomé, Cem Eteke, cglewis, Changming Sun,
Charles Shenton, Chi-Hung, Chris Donahue, Chris Filo Gorgolewski, Chris Hoyean Song,
Chris Tava, Christian Grail, Christoph Boeddeker, cinqS, Clayne Robison, codrut3, concerttttt,
CQY, Dan Becker, Dan Jarvis, Daniel Zhang, David Norman, dmaclach, Dmitry Trifonov,
Donggeon Lim, dongpilYu, Dr. Kashif Rasul, Edd Wilder-James, Eric Lv, fcharras, Felix Abecassis,
FirefoxMetzger, formath, FredZhang, Gaojin Cao, Gary Deer, Guenther Schmuelling, Hanchen Li,
Hanmin Qin, hannesa2, hyunyoung2, Ilya Edrenkin, Jackson Kontny, Jan, Javier Luraschi,
Jay Young, Jayaram Bobba, Jeff, Jeff Carpenter, Jeremy Sharpe, Jeroen BéDorf, Jimmy Jia,
Jinze Bai, Jiongyan Zhang, Joe Castagneri, Johan Ju, Josh Varty, Julian Niedermeier,
JxKing, Karl Lessard, Kb Sriram, Keven Wang, Koan-Sin Tan, Kyle Mills, lanhin, LevineHuang,
Loki Der Quaeler, Loo Rong Jie, Luke Iwanski, LáSzló Csomor, Mahdi Abavisani, Mahmoud Abuzaina,
ManHyuk, Marek ŠUppa, MathSquared, Mats Linander, Matt Wytock, Matthew Daley, Maximilian Bachl,
mdymczyk, melvyniandrag, Michael Case, Mike Traynor, miqlas, Namrata-Ibm, Nathan Luehr,
Nathan Van Doorn, Noa Ezra, Nolan Liu, Oleg Zabluda, opensourcemattress, Ouwen Huang,
Paul Van Eck, peisong, Peng Yu, PinkySan, pks, powderluv, Qiao Hai-Jun, Qiao Longfei,
Rajendra Arora, Ralph Tang, resec, Robin Richtsfeld, Rohan Varma, Ryohei Kuroki, SaintNazaire,
Samuel He, Sandeep Dcunha, sandipmgiri, Sang Han, scott, Scott Mudge, Se-Won Kim, Simon Perkins,
Simone Cirillo, Steffen Schmitz, Suvojit Manna, Sylvus, Taehoon Lee, Ted Chang, Thomas Deegan,
Till Hoffmann, Tim, Toni Kunic, Toon Verstraelen, Tristan Rice, Urs KöSter, Utkarsh Upadhyay,
Vish (Ishaya) Abrams, Winnie Tsang, Yan Chen, Yan Facai (颜发才), Yi Yang, Yong Tang,
Youssef Hesham, Yuan (Terry) Tang, Zhengsheng Wei, zxcqwe4906, 张志豪, 田传武

We are also grateful to all who filed issues or helped resolve them, asked and
answered questions, and were part of inspiring discussions.

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