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TensorFlow Lite Python image classification demo

This script shows how you can load a pre-trained and converted TensorFlow Lite model and use it to recognize objects in images. The Python script accepts arguments specifying the model to use, the corresponding labels file, and the image to process.

Before you begin, make sure you have TensorFlow installed.

Download sample model and image

You can use any compatible model, but the following MobileNet v1 model offers a good demonstration of a model trained to recognize 1,000 different objects.

# Get photo
curl > /tmp/grace_hopper.bmp
# Get model
curl | tar xzv -C /tmp
# Get labels
curl  | tar xzv -C /tmp  mobilenet_v1_1.0_224/labels.txt

mv /tmp/mobilenet_v1_1.0_224/labels.txt /tmp/

Run the sample

Note: Instead use python if you're using Python 2.x.

python3 \
  --model_file /tmp/mobilenet_v1_1.0_224.tflite \
  --label_file /tmp/labels.txt \
  --image /tmp/grace_hopper.bmp

You should see results like this:

0.728693: military uniform
0.116163: Windsor tie
0.035517: bow tie
0.014874: mortarboard
0.011758: bolo tie
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