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TensorFlow Python API Upgrade Utility

This tool allows you to upgrade your existing TensorFlow Python scripts. This script can be run on a single Python file:

tf_upgrade.py --infile foo.py --outfile foo-upgraded.py

It will print a list of errors it finds that it can't fix. You can also run it on a directory tree:

# just upgrade the .py files
tf_upgrade.py --intree coolcode --outtree coolcode-upgraded
# after upgrade the .py files, then copy all the other files to the outtree
tf_upgrade.py --intree coolcode --outtree coolcode-upgraded --copyotherfiles True

In either case, it will also dump out a report e.g. which will detail changes e.g.:

third_party/tensorflow/tools/compatibility/test_file_v0.11.py Line 125

Renamed keyword argument from `dim` to `axis`
Renamed keyword argument from `squeeze_dims` to `axis`

    Old:                   [[1, 2, 3]], dim=1), squeeze_dims=[1]).eval(),
                                        ~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    New:                   [[1, 2, 3]], axis=1), axis=[1]).eval(),
                                        ~~~~~    ~~~~~


  • Don't update parts of your code manually before running this script. In particular, functions that have had reordered arguments like tf.concat or tf.split will cause the script to incorrectly add keyword arguments that mismap arguments.

  • This script wouldn't actually reorder arguments. Instead, the script will add keyword arguments to functions that had their arguments reordered.

  • This script is not able to upgrade all functions. One notable example is tf.reverse() which has been changed to take a list of indices rather than a tensor of bools. If the script detects this, it will report this to stdout (and in the report), and you can fix it manually. For example if you have tf.reverse(a, [False, True, True]) you will need to manually change it to tf.reverse(a, [1, 2]).

  • There are some syntaxes that are not handleable with this script as this script was designed to use only standard python packages. If the script fails with "A necessary keyword argument failed to be inserted." or "Failed to find keyword lexicographically. Fix manually.", you can try @machrisaa's fork of this script. @machrisaa has used the RedBaron Python refactoring engine which is able to localize syntactic elements more reliably than the built-in ast module this script is based upon.