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DeepLab Demo

This demo allows you to try out semantic segmentation on a couple of preset images using different base models.


Change the directory to the demo folder:

cd deeplab/demo

Install dependencies:


Launch the development server watching the files for changes.

yarn watch

Warning: Running the Cityscapes model in the demo is resource-intensive and might crash your browser.


If you are developing the model locally and want to test the changes in the demo, proceed as follows:

Change the directory to the deeplab folder

cd deeplab

Install dependencies


Publish a local copy of deeplab

yarn publish-local

Change into the demo directory (deeplab/demo) and install dependencies

cd demo

Link the package published from the publish step above

yarn link-local

Start the dev demo server

yarn watch

Note: To get future updates from the deeplab source code, just run yarn publish-local in the deeplab folder again.

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