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KNN Image Classifier Demo


Demo: Camera

The camera demo shows how to create a custom classifier with 3 classes that can be trained in realtime using a webcamera. Hold down the train button to add samples to the classifier, and then let it predict which of the 3 classes that is closest.


cd into the demos folder:

cd knn-classifier/demos

Install dependencies and prepare the build directory:


To watch files for changes, and launch a dev server:

yarn watch

If you are developing the classifier locally, and want to test the changes in the demos

cd into the knn-classifier/ folder:

cd knn-classifier

Install dependencies:


Publish knn-classifier locally:

yarn publish-local

cd into this directory, knn-classifier/demos and install dependencies:

cd demos

Link the package published from the publish step above:

yarn link-local

Start the dev demo server:

yarn watch