Pretrained models for TensorFlow.js
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caisq [speech-commands] add fine-tuning and demo (#106)
- Fine-tuning happens after the initial transfer training and unfreezes a Dense layer in the base model
- Demo: require a minimum number of examples per category
- Demo: Allow fine-tuning and plot loss and accuracy values during fine-tuning
- Add util for balanced train-validation splits
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Pre-trained TensorFlow.js models

This repository hosts a set of pre-trained models that have been ported to TensorFlow.js.

The models are hosted on NPM and unpkg so they can be used in any project out of the box. They can be used directly or used in a transfer learning setting with TensorFlow.js.

To find out about APIs for models, look at the README in each of the respective directories. In general, we try to hide tensors so the API can be used by non-machine learning experts.

For those intested in contributing a model, please file a GitHub issue on tfjs to gauge interest. We are trying to add models that complement the existing set of models and can be used as building blocks in other apps.




General utilities

  • KNN Classifier - Create a custom k-nearest neighbors classifier. Can be used for transfer learning.
    • npm i @tensorflow-models/knn-classifier


You can run the unit tests for any of the models by running the following inside a directory:

yarn test

New models should have a test NPM script.

To run all of the tests, you can run the following command from the root of this repo:

yarn presubmit