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KDD2019 Deep Learning for NLP with Tensorflow

Hands-on tutorial at KDD, August 7th 2019:

TensorFlow will be used for a hands-on experience with the latest NLP techniques. Starting with a practical introduction to the framework, attendees will get familiar with core APIs, Colab and best practices for data and training pipeline. The classic NLP topics of Embeddings, seq2seq, attention and Neural Machine Translation will be covered, as well as the modern deep learning architectures of Transformer, BERT and XLNet. Participants will get exposed to foundational NLP theory and state-of-the-art models, understand them conceptually and apply them to practical problems, for instance by fine-tuning pretrained BERT models.

Tutorial Slides (link)

Workshop content by Cesar Ilharco Magalhaes, Gabriel Ilharco Magalhaes and Jason Baldridge.

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