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Work towards a self-driving car's braking system with video demo.
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Autonomus Safety Braking System

In this repository, we have included code and results from our experiments in autonomous vehicles.

We implemented a real-time object detectors YOLO and SSD on an autonomous vehicle supported by AutonomouStuff. We tested this in the LOT-14 parking in south campus of UIUC. The video for this can be viewed here

Later, we integrated the detector's warning signals with Robot Operating System of car to initiate autonomous safety brake whenever the car comes very close to an obstruction. The car also reaccelerates after the obstruction moves to a safe distance. Our professor stood infront of this system to test it's safety! Check out the video of this here

We will find time to clean up the code :)

P.S. MAAV = Messing Around with Autonomous Vehicles

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