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Developer Guide

We are excited that you would like to contribute to open source projects like we do!

Pull Request Guidelines


  1. Checkout a new branch from the relevant branch for development
  2. Run npm test and make sure all tests pass before submitting a PR


  1. DO NOT submit PR against master branch.
  2. DO NOT check into build folder in commits.

If you are going to:

  • Fix a bug / Optimize or refactor code

    • Put <title> (#<issue-id>in your PR title for a better release log, e.g. update entities encoding/decoding (#3899).
    • Provide detailed description in the PR.
    • Add relevant tests
    • Run tests. Make sure newly added code does not break existing functionalities
    git checkout -b i-found-a-bug
    # ... fix the bug ...
    # only continue to next step if all tests passed
    npm test 
    git add <relevant-files-that-have-been-modified>
    git commit -m 'update entities encoding/decoding'
    git push origin i-found-a-bug
    • Don't forget to submit a pull request :P
  • Add a new feature

    • Provide convincing reason to add this feature. Ideally you should open a suggestion issue first and have it greenlighted before working on it
    • Create a new branch
    • Add relevant tests
    • Submit PR

Project Structure

  • assets:

Static resource for repo.

  • docs:

TensorSpace Tutorials written in different languages.

  • build:

Contains files for distribution. This folder will only be updated if there is a new release. Latest development is reflected in branches.

  • examples:

Carefully selected examples to illustrate major functionality of TensorSpace.

  • src:

Source code.

  • test:

Unit tests for each module of the source file. Help NEEDED here.

Development Setup

  1. Fork the repo to your Github account.

  2. Clone your copy of tensorspace repo to your local machine.

git clone<your-github-id>/tensorspace.git
  1. Install dev tools/libs
  • Option 1: npm
npm install 
  • Option 2: yarn
yarn install
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