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NOTE: This app is being completely refactored (develop branch).

NOTE: For a Tent v0.2 compatible version, see the 0.2 branch.

Status is a Tent app written in JavaScript/CoffeeScript using the Marbles.js framework. It supports publishing and consuming status posts.

There is an additional Ruby backend which handles authentication and serving up assets, and compiling a static version of the app.

Getting Started


All configuration options can either be set through environment variables or in a Hash to TentStatus.configure.

ENV Key Required Description
APP_NAME :name Required Name to be registered with and display in title bar.
APP_DISPLAY_URL :display_url Optional Public URL for app (used for app registration and your server will tag posts with it). Defaults to the github url.
APP_URL :url Required if running Ruby backend URL app is being served from (Also required if static app isn't being served from the domain root).
APP_DESCRIPTION :description Optional Description of app (used for app registration).
APP_CDN_URL :cdn_url Optional URL of CDN containing compiled assets.
APP_ASSET_MANIFEST :asset_manifests Optional Comma separated paths to asset manifest JSON file (required if using a CDN).
ASSET_ROOT :asset_root Optional Root URL or path for serving assets. Defaults to /assets.
ASSET_CACHE_DIR :asset_cache_dir Optional Filesystem path for sprockets asset cache directory.
PATH_PREFIX :path_prefix Optional Path prefix for when app is mounted somewhere other than the domain root.
DATABASE_URL :database_url Required if running Ruby backend URL of postgres database.
DATABASE_LOGFILE :database_logfile Optional Path to file for database logging.
SESSION_SECRET Required Random string for session cookie secret.
JSON_CONFIG_URL :json_config_url Required if running the app statically. URL of config.json.
GLOBAL_NAV_CONFIG :global_nav_config Optional Filesystem path to global nav config as descripbed below.
SIGNOUT_URL :signout_url Required if running the app statically. URL accepting a POST request to revoke access to config.json.
SIGNOUT_REDIRECT_URL :signout_redirect_url Required if running the app statically. URL for app to redirect to after signing out.
SIGNIN_URL :signin_url Optional URL accepting a POST request with username and passphrase to grant access to config.json. (User is redirected to SIGNOUT_REDIRECT_URL instead of displaying an auth form if not specified.)
SEARCH_API_ROOT :search_api_root Optional Skate API root.
SEARCH_API_KEY :search_api_key Optional Skate API key.
ENTITY_SEARCH_API_ROOT :entity_search_api_root Optional URL of service to provide entity autocomplete.
SKIP_AUTHENTICATION :skip_authentication Optional Bypasses OAuth flow when set to true. This only works when config.json is loaded from another source.
ASSETS_DIR :public_dir Optional Defaults to public/assets.
DEFAULT_AVATAR_ROOT :default_avatar_root Optional Defaults to a static avatar. If set, appending "/" + encodeURIComponent(entity) should point to a unique avatar for that entity (see Sigil for more information).

TODO: Entity search service and CDN support are not currently implemented.

Global nav config

	"items": [
		{ "name": "Tent Status", "icon_class": "app-icon-tentstatus", "url": "http://localhost:9292", "selected": true }

Running Statically


Property Required Type Description
credentials Required Object App authorization credentials. Required String App authorization credentials identifier.
credentials.hawk_key Required String App authorization hawk key.
credentials.hawk_algorithm Required String Hash algorithm.
meta Required Object Meta post content for entity.
services.entity_search_api_key Optional String User-specific API key for entity autocomplete (ENTITY_SEARCH_SERVICE_API_ROOT app configuration option required for this).


  "credentials": {
    "id": "HAWK-ID",
    "hawk_key": "HAWK-KEY",
    "hawk_algorithm": "sha256"
  "meta": {
    // full meta post json

Running via Ruby backend


heroku create --addons heroku-postgresql:dev
heroku pg:promote $(heroku pg | head -1 | cut -f2 -d" ")
heroku config:add APP_NAME='Status' \
  APP_ASSET_MANIFEST='./public/assets/manifest.json' \
  SESSION_SECRET=$(openssl rand -hex 16 | tr -d '\r\n') \
  APP_URL=$(heroku info -s | grep web_url | cut -f2 -d"=" | sed 's/http/https/' | sed 's/\/$//')
heroku labs:enable user-env-compile
git push heroku master
heroku open


Ruby 1.9 and 2.0 supported. It has not been tested with 1.8.7.


The easiest way to get Ruby 1.9 or 2.0 on OS X is to use Homebrew.

brew install ruby

If you need to switch between ruby versions, use chruby and ruby-install.

sudo apt-get install build-essential ruby1.9.1-full libxml2 libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev
sudo update-alternatives --config ruby # make sure 1.9 is the default


tent-status requires a PostgreSQL database.


Use Homebrew or

brew install postgresql
createdb status


Bundler is a project dependency manager for Ruby.

gem install bundler


Node.js should be installed as a javascript runtime for asset compiliation (brew install node on OS X).


Clone this repository, and cd into the directory. This should start the app:

bundle install
DATABASE_URL=postgres://localhost/status APP_NAME='Status' SESSION_SECRET=abc APP_URL=http://localhost:3000 bundle exec puma -p 3000


Head over to the develop branch.

Design by Tommi Kaikkonen and Jesse Stuart. App by Jesse Stuart