🐡 A party game with puffer fishes, made all by myself under 72 hours.
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Phat Fishes

Phat Fishes

Phat Fishes is a game about fishes that are phat. It's in their genes (find more about Tetraodontidae in Wikipedia).

This game was made during Ludum Dare #35, in under 72 hours and entirely by myself (code, art and sounds).

It"s a couch multiplayer arena game up to 4 fishes. Just push the other fishes into dangerous stuff while avoiding the dangerous stuff yourself.

Play it on itch.io: https://tentacode.itch.io/phat-fishes

Learn more on the Ludum Dare page: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=60185