nunuStudio is a web based game engine for 3D and 2D game development with support for VR and AR
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  • nunustudio is an open source 3D VR game engine for the web it allows designers and web developers to easily develop 3D experiences that can run directly in a web page or be exported as Desktop applications.
  • nunuStudio has a fully featured visual editor, supports a wide range of file formats, the tools are open source and completely free to use for both personal and commercial usage, it is powered by open web APIs like WebGL, WebVR and WebAudio.
  • Visual scene editor, code editor, visual tools to edit textures, materials, particle emitters, etc and a powerful scripting API that allows the creation of complex applications.

Web Editor

  • There is a fully featured web version of the editor available at
  • The web version was tested with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, mobile browsers are not supported.

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  • Documentation for the scripting API is available on the nunu webpage
  • nunuStudio was documented using YUIDocs


  • Visual application editor
  • Built on three.js
    • Real time lighting and shadow map support
    • three.js code can be used inside nunuStudio scripts without the need for THREE prefix
  • Wide range of file formats supported
  • TTF Font support
  • Drag and drop files directly to objects
  • One file only project export with all assets included
    • No more broken projects because of missing files
  • NWJS and Cordova used for easy desktop and mobile deployment
  • Physics engine (cannon.js)
  • SPE particle system
  • Compatible with WebVR V1.1


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  • nunuStudio is intended to run with NWJS direcly on the desktop Linux and Windows are supported
    • Download last version from releases in the github page
  • To run the development version of nunuStudio
    • Download the last release from the github repository and unzip it
    • Download last NWJS version from their webpage unzip it to nwjs/win or nwjs/linux (depending on your OS)
    • Run the or start.bat file (depending on your OS)
  • There a web version available on the project webpage
    • The web version cannot export desktop projects


  • nunuStudio uses a custom solution for code management
  • To build nunuStudio Java and NodeJS are required
    • Javascript is optimized and minified using Google closure
    • Documentation generation requires YuiDocs to be installed (npm -g install yuidocjs)
  • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor
  • To build nunu (editor, runtime and documentation), navigate to the nunu/build/build directory and run "node build.js"
  • The build system is compatible with windows, linux and macos.


  • V0.8.9.15 Alpha
    • Added font preview in asset explorer
    • Fixed material preview projection
    • Projects can be loaded when dragged anywhere
    • Videos and images can now be exported to files
      • Left click on texture inside the asset explorer and select Export Image/Video
    • Added support for Positional Audio
      • Audio relative to origin
    • Fonts can now be dragged directly to an object
    • Fixed script onResize method
    • Projects can now be run by pressing F5
  • V0.8.9.16 Alpha
    • Fixed file path changing after project export
    • Program rendering settings (Antialiasing, Shadows)
    • Text3D now supports line break with '\n'
    • Text3D panel can be used to edit multiline text
    • Program stores pointer to nunu app (
    • Added program.sendDataApp and app.setOnDataReceived for app/page communication
    • Renamed NunuRuntime to NunuApp (Makes more sense)
    • Fixed copy/paste inside object panels
  • V0.8.9.17 Alpha
    • Particle editor position, velocity and acceleration delta now shows in different a row
    • Fixed program resources dispose
    • Added support for mouse lock on runtime
    • Added RectArea light support
    • Added MTL loading support
    • Added program, scene and self variables to scripts (can be used without this reference)
    • Generic multi file format 3D model loading
  • V0.8.9.18 Alpha
    • Added geometry properties to geometry panels
    • Camera draw order
    • Fixed OBJ and MTL loading
    • Default app export template loading screen
    • Audio preview
  • V0.8.9.19 Alpha
    • Renamed variables variable_name to variableName
    • Added Texture Editor
    • Documentation page
  • V0.8.9.20 Alpha
    • Cubetexture support
    • Improved material serialization
    • Sort objects in the explorer
  • V0.8.9.21 Alpha
    • Editor standalone version (@Seagat2011)
    • Support for File API loading
    • Added reverse glyphs option to Font asset
    • Improved font preview
    • Added support for Textures as scene background
    • Drag and drop CubeTextures
    • Drag and drop tabs in editor
  • V0.8.9.22 Alpha
    • Removed editor state, tabs are self updated
  • V0.8.9.23 Alpha
    • Added support for STL files
    • Fixed locked keys in Keyboard after alerts, prompts, etc
    • Added support for nested menu in ContextMenus
    • Support for 3DS files
    • CircleGeometry
  • V0.8.9.24 Alpha
    • Added snap to grid
    • First version of NodeJS build system (@GGAlanSmithee)
    • Open ISP as url argument on web version
    • Support for orbit navigation
  • V0.8.9.25 Alpha
    • Added CubeCamera
    • Added SpriteSheet texture animation support
    • Gamepad support
    • Improved UI elements
  • V0.8.9.26 Alpha
    • Improved audio implementation
    • Control sky colors on UI
    • Keyboard navigation in orbit mode
    • Export projects from web version
    • Calculate texture offset and repeat to fit aspect ratio in square
    • Code autocomplete from documentation
    • Keep file name on web version
    • Force webgl context loss when tabs closed
  • V0.9.0 Beta
    • Division property for HTML elements
    • Camera preview positioning
    • Cubemaps from equirectangular projection
    • Binary project files (.nsp)
  • V0.9.1 Beta
    • Internal debug console
      • Preview materials and textures in console
      • Visualize math structures
    • Desktop auto update mechanism (auto download build from github master branch)
    • Load 3D file drag and drop with texture support
    • Skeleton serialization (@takahirox)
    • ES6 lint support
    • Support for line and points material
    • Improvements in material editor
  • V0.9.2 Beta
    • Support for multi selection
    • Geometry binary operations (CSG)
      • Subtract
      • Intersect
      • Union
    • Immediate mode
    • Postprocessing
      • Postprocessing editor
    • Resize is now a part of Object3D
    • Improvements to nsp files
      • Moved from base64 to raw binary data.
    • Cube camera preview
    • Fixed dropdown menus getting out of screen
  • V0.9.3 Beta
    • Shadow material
    • Support for .blend files (@Galactrax)
    • Fixed support for spine animations
    • Editor infinite grid
    • Improved history system in the editor
    • Support for mesh modifiers
    • Support for GPU compressed textures
    • Improved texture preview
    • Image and Video can be managed as resources
    • Animation timeline editor
    • Support for external libs in scripts
    • Support for text and code resources
    • Fixed particle scalling issues
    • File export API
  • V0.9.4 Beta
    • Multi object edit (position, rotation and scale)
    • Support for SVG file loading
    • Improved camera controls
    • New UI elements (Slider, Checkbox)
    • Dodecahedron geometry
    • Resources are now selectable
    • Resource preview on inspector
    • New general settings tab
    • Experimental android export support


nunuStudio is built on top of a number of open source projects

  • NWJS
  • three.js
  • Cannon.JS
  • opentype
  • SPE
  • JSColor
  • CodeMirror
  • LeapJS
  • JSHint
  • YUIDocs
  • Timeliner


  • nunuStudio apps are meant to be used inside web pages
  • To embed applications made inside nunuStudio in HTML pages the following code can be used
		<script src="nunu.min.js"></script>
	<body onload="NunuApp.loadApp('pong.nsp', 'canvas')">
		<canvas width="800" height="480" id="canvas"></canvas>


  • nunuStudio uses a MIT license (Available on GitHub page)