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  • nunuStudio is an open source game engine for the web it allows designers and web developers to easily develop 3D experiences for the web.
  • Powered by three.js can run directly in the web or be exported as desktop application trough
  • Fully featured visual editor, supports a wide range of file formats, the tools are open source and completely free to use for both personal and commercial usage.
  • Visual scene editor, code editor, visual tools to edit textures, materials, particle emitters and a powerful scripting API that allows the creation of complex applications using JavaScript or Python.
  • Fully featured web version of the editor is available on the project page.
  • The web version is tested with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Edge, mobile browsers are supported as well.

  • API Documentation with full details about the inner working of every module are available. These can also be generated from the project source code by running npm run docs.
  • Basic tutorials are available on the project page. The basic tutorials explain step-by-step how to use the editor.
  • To build the project first install Node.js LTS and NPM:
    • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor
    • Documentation generation uses YuiDocs
    • Install dependencies from npm by running npm install --legacy-peer-deps and additional non-npm packages using npm run napa
    • Build editor, runtime and documentation, run npm run build
  • Webpage of the project is built using Angular and is hosted on GitHub Pages



  • Visual application editor
    • Drag and drop files directly into the project (images, video, models, ...)
    • Manage project resources.
    • Edit material, textures, shaders, code, ...
  • Built on three.js library w/ physics by cannon.js
    • Real time lighting and shadow map support
    • three.js libraries can be imported into the editor
    • Wide range of file formats supported (gltf, dae, obj, fbx, 3ds, ...)
  • NW.js and Cordova exports for desktop and mobile deployment
  • Compatible with WebXR for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The project uses Webpack to build and bundle its code base.

  • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor
  • JavaScript is optimized and minified using Uglify
  • Documentation generation uses YuiDocs

Steps needed to build the project:

  1. To build the project first install Java, Node.js and NPM and ensure that java command is working properly.
  2. Install dependencies from npm by running npm install.
    1. If running on Node >=16 run npm install --legacy-peer-deps instead
  3. Some dependencies are not available on npm and have to be installed by running npm install napa
    1. If running on Node >=16 run npm install napa --legacy-peer-deps instead
  4. Install the dependencies for the project webpage running cd source/page && npm install
  5. Running napa npm run napa
  6. Building/running
    1. Building: to build editor, runtime and documentation, run npm run build
    2. Running: To start the editor locally for development and testing run npm run start

Embedding Application

  • Application developed with can be embedded into already existing web pages, and are compatible with frameworks like Angular or React.
  • To embed applications in HTML pages the following code can be used, the application is bootstrapped using the loadApp(file, id) method.
        <script src="nunu.min.js"></script>
    <body onload="Nunu.App.loadApp('pong.nsp', 'canvas')">
        <canvas width="800" height="480" id="canvas"></canvas>

Vue.js with Nuxtjs

  • Build nunu.min.js and place into static/js folder of your nuxt instance
  • Place canvas element into your template area where you want it, for example:
  • Add the script to your head function of the page you want the 3D integration on (or place is into your global head)
head() {
return {
      script: [
          hid: 'Nunu',
          src: 'assets/js/nunu.min.js',
          defer: true,
          callback: () => {
            Nunu.App.loadApp('assets/file.nsp', 'canvas') //add file to load in here
  • You are now able to address Nunu as usual within the app.


  • The project is distributed under a MIT license that allow for commercial usage of the platform without any cost.
  • The license is available on the project GitHub page

FOSSA Status