nunuStudio is a web based game engine and 3D content IDE/framework
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  • nunuStudio is a three.js based framework for 3D and VR applications that runs direcly on the browser without the need for additional plugins using WebGL, WebAudio and WebVR.
  • nunuStudio provides a visual scene editor, a code editor, visual tools to edit textures, materials, particle emitters, etc.



  • Documentation for the scripting API is available on the nunu webpage
  • nunuStudio was documented using YUIDocs


  • Visual application editor
  • three.js based
    • Real time lighting and shadow map support
    • three.js code can be used inside nunuStudio scripts
  • Wide range of file formats supported
  • TTF Font support
  • Drag and drop files directly to objects
  • One file only project export with all assets included
    • No more broken projects because of missing files
  • NWJS and Cordova used for easy desktop and mobile deployment
  • Physics engine (cannon.js)
  • SPE particle system
  • Compatible with WebVR V1.1


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  • V0.8.9.15 Alpha
    • Added font preview in asset explorer
    • Fixed material preview projection
    • Projects can be loaded when dragged anywhere
    • Videos and images can now be exported to files
      • Left click on texture inside the asset explorer and select Export Image/Video
    • Added support for Positional Audio
      • Audio relative to origin
    • Fonts can now be dragged directly to an object
    • Fixed script onResize method
    • Projects can now be run by pressing F5
  • V0.8.9.16 Alpha
    • Fixed file path changing after project export
    • Program rendering settings (Antialiasing, Shadows)
    • Text3D now supports line break with '\n'
    • Text3D panel can be used to edit multiline text
    • Program stores pointer to nunu app (
    • Added program.sendDataApp and app.setOnDataReceived for app/page communication
    • Renamed NunuRuntime to NunuApp (Makes more sense)
    • Fixed copy/paste inside object panels
  • V0.8.9.17 Alpha
    • Particle editor position, velocity and acceleration delta now shows in different a row
    • Fixed program resources dispose
    • Added support for mouse lock on runtime
    • Added RectArea light support
    • Added MTL loading support
    • Added program, scene and self variables to scripts (can be used without this reference)
    • Generic multi file format 3D model loading
  • V0.8.9.18 Alpha
    • Added geometry properties to geometry panels
    • Camera draw order
    • Fixed OBJ and MTL loading
    • Default app export template loading screen
    • Audio preview
  • V0.8.9.19 Alpha
    • Renamed variables variable_name to variableName
    • Added Texture Editor
    • Documentation page
  • V0.8.9.20 Alpha
    • Cubetexture support
    • Improved material serialization
    • Sort objects in the explorer
  • V0.8.9.21 Alpha
    • Editor standalone version (@Seagat2011)
    • Support for File API loading
    • Added reverse glyphs option to Font asset
    • Improved font preview
    • Added support for Textures as scene background
    • Drag and drop CubeTextures
    • Drag and drop tabs in editor
  • V0.8.9.22 Alpha
    • Removed editor state, tabs are self updated
  • V0.8.9.23 Alpha
    • Added support for STL files
    • Fixed locked keys in Keyboard after alerts, prompts, etc
    • Added support for nested menu in ContextMenus
    • Support for 3DS files
    • CircleGeometry
  • V0.8.9.24 Alpha
    • Added snap to grid
    • First version of NodeJS build system (@GGAlanSmithee)
    • Open ISP as url argument on web version
    • Support for orbit navigation
  • V0.8.9.25 Alpha
    • Added CubeCamera
    • Added SpriteSheet texture animation support
    • Gamepad support
    • Improved UI elements
  • V0.8.9.26 Alpha
    • Improved audio implementation
    • Control sky colors on UI
    • Keyboard navigation in orbit mode
    • Export projects from web version
    • Calculate texture offset and repeat to fit aspect ratio in square
    • Code autocomplete from documentation
    • Keep file name on web version
    • Force webgl context loss when tabs closed
  • V0.9.0 Beta
    • Division property for HTML elements
    • Camera preview positioning


  • nunuStudio apps are meant to be used inside web pages
  • To embed applications made inside nunuStudio in web pages the following code can be used
  • nunuStudio can export full page web apps with a fullscreen and vr buttons by default but the following code can be used to embed nunu applications inside other webpages
 var app = new NunuApp();

 //Resize app
 function resize()

 //On exit callback (optional)
 	//TODO <Exit callback>
 //Toggle fullscreen (optional)
 function toggleFullscreen()
 //Toggle VR mode (optional, if available)
 function toggleVR()


nunuStudio is built on top of a number of open source projects

  • NWJS
  • three.js
  • opentype
  • SPE
  • Cannon.JS
  • JSColor
  • CodeMirror
  • LeapJS
  • JSHint
  • YUIDocs


  • nunuStudio is intended to run with NWJS direcly on the desktop
    • Linux and Windows are supported
    • Download the last release from the github repository and unzip it
    • Run the or start.bat file (depending on your OS)
  • There is also a web version available on the project webpage
    • The web version cannot export desktop projects


  • nunuStudio uses a custom solution for module management
  • To build nunuStudio Java and NodeJS are required
    • Javascript is optimized and minified using Google closure
    • Documentation generation requires YuiDocs to be installed (npm -g install yuidocjs)
  • The building system generates minified builds for the runtime and for the editor


  • nunuStudio uses a MIT license (Available on GitHub page)