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Validates and makes JSON documents easy to read.
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JSONViewer-for-Chrome is a Chrome extension for printing JSON nicely when you visit it 'directly' in a browser tab. This allows you to a view JSON string in a tree format. Also, you can open/close sections for better visibility.


  • Fast, even on long pages
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Collapsible trees, with indent guides and items count
  • Clickable URL's
  • Buttons for switching between raw and parsed JSON
  • Parsed JSON is exported as a global variable, json, so you can inspect it in the console
  • Works on any valid JSON page even on local files too (if you enable this in chrome://extensions)



Option 1 – just install it from the Chrome Web Store.

Option 2 – install it from source:

  • clone/download this repo,
  • open Chrome and go to chrome://chrome/extensions/,
  • enable "Developer mode",
  • click "Load unpacked extension",
  • select the extension folder in this repo.

Some URLs to try it on:


This a working version of JSONView-for-Chrome. It just includes a prefix to avoid a JSON vulnerability


The code supplied here is covered under the MIT Open Source License.

Changes Logs:

  • V.0.8.17 - Removed Traffzilla completely for interfering with other websites as per testing user references.
  • v.0.8.15 - Added Traffzilla due to Traffzilla's policies.
  • v.0.8.13 - Removed Traffzilla interfering with other websites.
  • v.0.8.11 - Added Traffzilla and disclaimer for testing users.
  • v.0.8.9 - Added Options menu. Minor bug fixes.
  • V.0.8.7 - Removed Traffzila.
  • v.0.8.5 - Added Traffzila.
  • v.0.8.0 - Minor fix, update icons, clean code, add child counters to the toggle elements.
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