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Use SPDX identifier in license field of META6.json



low quality big power

Inbox should be LacunaCookbuk::Model::Inbox or declared with my keyword
MsgTag should be LacunaCookbuk::Model::MsgTag or declared with my keyword
Ship should be LacunaCookbuk::Model::Ship or declared with my keyword

Even though it is nothing illegal to have package diffrent than file name. It is may be bad practice.


Generates easy to copy paste provides section. It is required to delete last comma manually.

  "provides"    : {
    "LacunaCookbuk::Id" : "lib/LacunaCookbuk/Id.pm6",
    "LacunaCookbuk::Client" : "lib/LacunaCookbuk/Client.pm6",
    "LacunaCookbuk::Logic::Commander" : "lib/LacunaCookbuk/Logic/Commander.pm6",