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Convolutional neural networks as an answer to image scaling issues
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Better image scaling with convolutional neural network

A convolutional neural network tested and trained in scaling up low-resolution images.


This is a trained and tested convolutional neural network based on Keras and Theano. Its purpose is to resolve a bad quality issue when scaling up a small, low-resolution image by big percentage. The network was trained on couple thousand images with approximately 5,000 images per epoch.The image download was also automatized for better efficiency.

More information here:

Network Architecture

The convolution layer has 150 9 x 9 filters with a 200 x 200 sized images being the input. After that comes the activation layer (RELU) followed by output layer. The used optimizer is Adam on default parameters.

Setup conda environment:

  • create your conda environment
  • install requirements from requirements.txt

Image Dowload:

In case you did not use Theano framework, amend and put .theanorc into your home directory

Network Learning:

  • python deep_filters/


  • python deep_filters/ --file image_to_enlarge.png
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