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ADDON Server_Permissions
ADDON GameMode_Deathmatch
$MiniGame::Enabled 1
$MiniGame::IncludeAllPlayersBricks 1
$MiniGame::UseSpawnBricks 1
$EnvGuiServer::SimpleMode 1
$EnvGuiServer::Skyfile Add-Ons/Sky_Skylands/Skylands.dml
$EnvGuiServer::Waterfile NONE
$EnvGuiServer::Groundfile Add-Ons/Ground_Plate/plate.ground
$MiniGame::FallingDamage 1
$MiniGame::WeaponDamage 1
$MiniGame::SelfDamage 1
$MiniGame::VehicleDamage 1
$MiniGame::BrickDamage 1
$MiniGame::Points_KillPlayer 1
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