A converter of HAML like templates into Django templates.
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HamlPy (pronounced "haml pie") is a tool for Django developers who want to use a Haml like syntax for their templates. HamlPy is not a template engine in itself but simply a compiler which will convert HamlPy files into templates that Django can understand.

But wait, what is Haml? Haml is an incredible template engine written in Ruby used a lot in the Rails community. You can read more about it here


Almost all of the XHTML syntax of Haml is preserved.

        #date 2010/02/18
        #address Toronto, ON
        #bio Jesse Miller

turns into..

<div id='profile'>
    <div class='left column'>
        <div id='date'>2010/02/18</div>
        <div id='address'>Toronto, ON</div>
    <div class='right column'>
        <div id='bio'>Jesse Miller</div>

The main difference is instead of interpreting Ruby, or even Python we instead can create Django Tags and Variables

    - for athelete in athelete_list
        %li.athelete= athelete.name

turns into..

<ul id='atheletes'>
    {% for athelete in athelete_list %}
        <li class='athelete'>{{ athelete.name }}</li>
    {% endfor %}


Check out the reference.md for a complete reference and more examples.


HamlPy currently:

  • has no configuration file. which it should for a few reasons, like turning off what is autoescaped for example
  • does not support some of the filters yet