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A Python implementation of the very secure and useful [1] rotX (also known as caesar ciphers) family of encryption algorithms.

Usage contains a single function, rot. The signature for this function is as follows (where n is your encryption key):

rotx.rot(input, n, alphabetical_only=True)

To decrypt, invert n. alphabetical_only decides whether to only encrypt the ASCII letters (like a true caesar cipher, leaving the other characters intact, including numbers) or to use the full spectrum of the encoding in use (all 8 bits if a bytestring, up to 0xFFFF or 0x10FFFF for unicode depending on whether your Python installation was compiled with UCS-2/UTF-16 or UCS-4/UTF-32).

There is also a CLI provided, run rotx -h for more documentation.


Testing is done using tox and Pythonbrew, run the following assuming both of these have been installed to run the tests:

$ pythonbrew install 2.7.3
$ pythonbrew install 2.6.6
$ tox


Because I was bored, and wanted an excuse to learn more about debian packaging.

[1]Disclaimer: The rotX algorithms are neither actually secure nor useful.
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