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Google Closure Boilerplate

This boilerplate should be able to work as the base of any Google Closure-based application.

The idea is that you clone this repository, modify the build settings and start working on your app.

Read this blog post to learn more about the resulting environment.

What's included

  • a basic directory structure
  • a lint script
  • a compile script
  • a source map fixing script that fixes wrong file paths
  • an HTML file compile script that extracts JavaScript references
  • a Sublime Text project file



Do not fork this repository to use it. Fork only if you want to contribute. Thanks.

git clone git:// project-name
cd project-name

The bash script will fetch dependencies (Google Closure Library, Google Closure Compiler and Google Closure Templates).

Then, you have two options:

  1. You can reset the repository by running rm -rf .git && git init.
  2. You can keep the history and the remote to be able to merge future boilerplate commits to your application. The script makes sure the boilerplate remote points to this repository. When there are new commits to the boilerplate, you can merge them to your app by running
git fetch boilerplate
git merge boilerplate/master --no-ff -m 'update closure-boilerplate'


The default configuration might not fit your needs. It is likely that you will want to modify the paths in the compile scripts.

The scripts you want to modify are build/ and build/ It is not recommended you modify other scripts.


The preferred way to run the scripts is from Sublime Text via the Cmd+B keyboard shortcut.

You can also run the script manually:

# Run these commands in the project root directory

# Lint

# Compile templates

# Compile