Build steps

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Build Steps

  • Fetch: Download the third party package from a web server, Subversion repository, GIT repository, Mercurial repository, or file system.
  • Unpack: If the software package is in an archive such as .zip, .tar, .tar.bz2, etc., this step will extract the software package from its archive in a build area patch apply a small change to the unpacked source usually using the Unix utility patch or a simple shell script.
  • Patch: Used if you need to patch or inject code into a project before it is built.
  • Preconfig: Some packages require a tool to generate the configuration script.
  • Config: Execute the configuration script which automatically determines machine specific information needed to compile the software package.
  • Build: Invoke the packages build tool which applies compilers to source code to create the final, usable form of the library or application.
  • Install: This directs the package to install its end-use files into a directory where other packages can reference/use them.
  • PostInstall: Generally used to alter installed files such as fix permissions.
  • Clean: This removes temporary files created during the other steps of the process.