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DataPath requires a few libraries in order to compile and run. Below is a list of the current libraries required and locations they can be downloaded from:

LEMON Graph Library Website: Version: 1.2.3

ANTLR Parser Generator Website: Version: 3.4 Note: For ANTLR, we require that a driver program called antlr3 be available. Some distributions (e.g. Fedora) already provide such a driver. If your distribution does not provide a driver, or you are installing ANTLR yourself, please create an executable script called antlr3 somewhere in the shell's search path that when invoked will launch ANTLR with the given parameters.

ANTLR C Runtime Website: Version: 3.4

SQLite Website: Version: 3

================================== pkg-config ==================================

DataPath relies upon pkg-config to determine if required libraries are installed, and to retrieve linking information for them. Any shared libraries need to have pkg-config metadata files available. Some libraries (such as LEMON) will install the needed meta-data files during installation. Unfortunately, not all libraries will do this. Fortunately, the meta-data files are very simple and can easily be created for libraries missing them. Examples of these files can be found in the pkgconfig directory. Just create a file called .pc with the same structure as the examples, and place it in a directory within pkg-config's search path (which is configurable using the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable).

For more information about pkg-config, view the guide at:

============================== Compiling DataPath ==============================

Once all of the required libraries have been installed and the correct meta-data files placed in the proper locations, you can compile DataPath by going into the src directory and executing: