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Cloud Access Software

Teradici CAS (Cloud Access Software) delivers a highly responsive remote desktop experience with color-accurate, lossless and distortion-free graphics – even for high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads. This is exactly why artists, editors, producers, architects, and designers all trust CAS to provide the resolution, sound, and color fidelity they need to create and work from anywhere. The immersive, feature-rich experience that CAS delivers is the reason why we won an Engineering Emmy in 2020.

Based on our secure PCoIP® (PC-over-IP) protocol that connects over 15 million endpoints around the globe, CAS makes all the magic happen for Windows, Linux and macOS (coming soon) desktops and applications through three core software components:

  • PCoIP Agents in any standalone or virtualized workstation, on-prem data center, cloud, multicloud or hybrid host environment
  • CAS Manager to secure, broker, and provision Teradici CAS connections
  • PCoIP Clients to enable any PCoIP Zero Client, PCoIP-Enabled Thin Client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet to access their remote desktops, fixed or mobile workstations from anywhere

For more details, please visit

This repository contains a collection of Terraform configurations for demonstrating how to deploy CAS Manager and Cloud Access Connectors in a user's cloud environment. Note: These configurations are suitable for creating reference deployments for demonstration, evaluation, or development purposes. The infrastructure created may not meet the reliability, availability, or security requirements of your organization.


CAS deployments on Microsoft Azure is available in a separate repository. Please visit

Directory structure


The top level Terraform configuration that creates entire deployments.


Description and instructions for deployments on different clouds.


The building blocks of deployments, e.g. a Domain Controller, a Cloud Access Connector, a Workstation, etc.


Contains provisioning scripts to run when creating an individual virtual machine to configure the instance for PCoIP access. These scripts are similar to the scripts used to set up remote workstations under the modules/ directory, except certain features are removed, such as KMS decryption and domain joining. These scripts are meant to be used as the "User data" script in AWS or "Startup script" in GCP when creating a new instance.


Contains Quickstart scripts, which are Python scripts for quick deployment of the single-connector deployment on GCP or AWS. The Python scripts take care of preparing for some of the requirements such as creating SSH keys, creating service accounts and enabling cloud services.


Various scripts to help with Terraform deployments. e.g. a Python script to generate random users for an Active Directory in a CSV file.


If any security issues or bugs are found, or if there are feature requests, please contact Sherman Yin at


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