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MidiHack 2015 project
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Atmosfear was a project for MidiHack 2015, written by Daniel Swärd, Rickard Lindroth, and Nik Reiman. It is a VSTi plugin which generates random atmospheric soundscapes with samples scraped from FreeSound. We had originally imagined that the plugin colud generate soundscapes resembling parks, public places, nature, etc. However, the resulting sounds that it makes are generally quite surreal and creepy, hence the name. :)

The plugin right now is a bit proof-of-concept, since the whole thing was written in less than 24 hours and doesn't have a GUI. But if you really want to try it out, here's how:

  • Build the plugin for your respective operating system (sorry, no Windows support yet).
  • Run the "scraper" tool to fetch samples for a given keyword:
$ cd Scraper
$ go run scraper.go -v=true -q="car crash"
  • Copy the resulting files from tmp/<timestamp> to /tmp/foo/voiceN, where N is a number 0-7.

When you run the plugin, it will choose samples from the voiceN directories at random intervals and mix them together.

Future goals

A GUI would be nice to specify keywords and actually run the scraper for you.

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