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@@ -157,6 +157,19 @@ Distribution builds of MrsWatson are always generated with `make`, except for
on Windows where the Visual Studio project is used.
+Bug Reporting
+The easiest way to report a bug is to send an email to Teragon Audio's support
+address: support (at) teragonaudio (dot) com. MrsWatson has a special
+command-line switch to aid in diagnosing runtime problems, `--error-report`.
+When enabled it will create a zipfile on the desktop containing the input,
+output, logs, and optionally the plugins themselves. Please include these
+reports for bugs resulting in incorrect behavior or crashes.
+MrsWatson uses [ticgit][4] for bug reporting, so the list of current issues
+can be viewed within the repository itself.
Please Help!
@@ -210,3 +223,4 @@ agreements:

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