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A simple Docker image to display the message "Under maintenance"
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Docker Image for Maintenance Page

What is this

Sometimes you just need a generic maintenance message while you are replacing one Docker image with another. Or you just want to undeploy a docker from AWS Elastic Beanstalk and this seems to be not possible.

To solve this kind of problem we created a generic Docker Maintenance page.

How to use it

To test locally

  • Install Docker
  • Run $ sudo docker run -p 80:5000 terahorse/maintenance
  • Access http://localhost
  • If you want to customize the message just add -e parameter, like this:
    • $ sudo docker run -p 80:5000 -e MESSAGE="My custom maintenance message" terahorse/maintenance

To deploy on AWS using Elasic Beanstalk

  • Just copy the file to your repository and run eb cli tool.
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