WalkingLiberty: Try to make spending Bitcoin as easy as spending Walking Libertys.
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Walking Liberty: Python 3

Try to make Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash payments as easy as spending a Walking Liberty.

Breaking change:

WalkingLiberty 0.1.X used uncompressed addresses. WalkingLibery 0.2+ uses compressed addresses. This means that if you upgrade you will not see or have access to funds in existing wallets. --fee is gone (at least for the time being), however fee estimation should be much better now.

Also, WalkingLiberty 0.2+ is Python 3 only. 0.1.X was Python 2 only, so you will need to switch from pip to pip3 (quite likely). 0.2+ switches from pybitcoin to bit and bitcash (for Bitcoin Cash).

This is a very rough change but the compressed addresses will bring about lower fees. bit is also a much superior library and actively maintained.

Migrating from an uncompressed to compressed address

Verify your balance: walkingliberty balance YOURWALKINGLIBERTYPHRASE

Upgrade from WalkingLibery 0.1.X to 0.2+: pip uninstall walkingliberty; pip3 install walkingliberty

Verify 0 balance on the compressed address: walkingliberty balnce YOURWALKINGLIBERTYPHRASE (Yes, it really should be 0)

Grab the uncompressed WIF key: python2 -c "import pybitcoin; print(pybitcoin.BitcoinPrivateKey.from_passphrase('YOURWALKINGLIBERTYPHRASE').to_wif())"

Grab your new compressed address: walkingliberty address YOURWALKINGLIBERTYPHRASE

Sweep the funds from the uncompressed address into the compressed address: walkingliberty --wallet_mode wif sweep 5JTUGMm2wQAHd7PM9msMVsT2Rz3NuBneRVanPXxDKN3RQjQm3ee 12XRjmGMbnkAesG9cTCnGETUnjvpg55Nws

Verify your balance: walkingliberty balance YOURWALKINGLIBERTYPHRASE (Should be the same as it once was, minus TX fees)

And of course, this software is provided without warranty. Use it at your own peril. Read the source code, understand what it does, consult with experts, etc. If you use it incorrectly or there's a bug and you lose your magic internet money, the author(s) are not liable.


By default, uses a single-address deterministic type 1 wallet. Can use a single-address wif as well.

pip3 install walkingliberty

# Get address for 'satoshi'
walkingliberty address satoshi

# Get balance for 'satoshi'
walkingliberty balance satoshi

# Get balance for '5JN8q7UXFvsUTMuwePHxzd9byVGaeKvmMA6ZdV4fS4gYYiptMUc'
walkingliberty --wallet_mode wif 5JN8q7UXFvsUTMuwePHxzd9byVGaeKvmMA6ZdV4fS4gYYiptMUc balance

# Send 10,000 Satoshis from 'potato' to 1address
walkingliberty send potato 1address 10000

# If you want to work with Bitcoin Cash, use --currency with all calls. For example:
walkinglibery --currency BCH balance satoshi
walkingliberty --currency BCH send potato 1address 10000
# etc

Note that your phrase is likely to show up in ps output, which can be a security risk. You can control /proc access on Linux (and the equivalent systems calls on FreeBSD) with the right mount options or sysctl tunables. Probably a wise idea, anyway.


Unlicense/Public domain