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-- WebLua 0.3 --

This is kind of a beta-ish release. It is much faster than WebLua 0.2 and uses
FastCGI, but is not as featured (in some areas) as 0.2. The first 20~ lines
of the 'weblua' script give some more information. Refer to the examples for
more documentation.

See ./license.txt for licensing information (GPLv3).

Note that .wl files do not typically have Lua syntax highlighting enabled with
Vim. Simply do :so $VIM/syntax/lua.vim to load the Lua syntax highlighting.

old/ is mostly just to help with WebLua development. The old cgi.lua script is
quite well featured, and should have some of its features backported to the new
WebLua. The old readme.txt may be slightly helpful.

Thanks for looking into WebLua :-).

Teran McKinney (sega01)

PS: I would not recommend trying to use WebLua without enough experience to
figure out how to get it configured. It is quite beta, has a lack of
documentation, and there may be major incompatibilities between these initial
releases. If you are still truly curious and have questions, comments, or want
to help with development, you can contact me (
http://go-beyond.org/contact.html ).