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# stop when any step fails
set -e
# change to the directory of this script so we are in our drupal root (or should be)
cd $( dirname "$0" ) &&
drupal_root=$( git rev-parse --show-toplevel )
if [[ $? != 0 ]]; then
echo "Could not find Drupal root. Aborting."
exit 1
# change to the root directory of our drupal installation
cd $drupal_root
# remove most of core
rm -r includes/ misc/ modules/ scripts/ themes/
rm -r profiles/minimal/ profiles/standard/ profiles/testing/
rm *.txt *.php web.config
rm .htaccess .gitignore
# remove all contrib modules, libraries & themes
rm -r sites/all/modules/contrib/
rm -r sites/all/libraries/
rm -r sites/all/themes/tao/
# make sites/default writable to avoid nagging from Drush make
chmod u+w sites/default/
# run drush make
drush -y make profiles/budts_be/budts_be.make .
# geshifilter downloads the libraries module but doesn't place it in the
# contrib subdir so we move it
mv sites/all/modules/libraries sites/all/modules/contrib/
# remove install and update. Not needed because we use Drush for these operations.
rm install.php update.php
# apply the local patches
for patch in profiles/budts_be/patches/*.patch
echo "Applying $patch."
patch -p1 < $patch > /dev/null