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# This is my git repository for my vim configuration.

To use it:
    1. clone the repository to ~/.vim
    2. symlink your .vimrc to ~/.vim/vimrc with the following command:
        ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc .vimrc

## Some notes and warnings about my configuration

I have commented most settings in the vimrc file

### Swap- and backupfiles
My vimrc disables all the swapfiles and backupfiles. Personally I think they
are just annoying and vim (almost :)) never crashes so I simply disable them.
If you don't trust this, you should remove the corresponding lines from the
vimrc. You have been warned :)!

### Vim-Plug
Plugins are managed with vim-plug: <>
After cloning this repository run `:PlugInstall` inside Vim or `vim
+PlugInstall` in your shell to install all the plugins

### host-specific vimrc
As I use my vim configuration on multiple machines, I like to be able to make
small configuration changes for every machine, while still keeping everything
together and synced (with git). That's why, at the end of my vimrc, a check is
performed to see if a 'host-specific' vimrc can be found. If so, it is also
sourced. So if the hostname of your machine is 'andoria', my vimrc checks for
~/.vim/vimrc-andoria. If this file exists it sources it only on that machine,
to allow you to set host-specific settings.

vim: filetype=vimwiki tw=78 wrap


my personal vim configuration



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