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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="TeranexDrupal">
This ruleset is my personal config which I use while doing Drupal development
with Vim. It runs automatically through the Syntastic plugin whenever a PHP
file is saved.
To use this ruleset, download the coder module from This module
contains a Drupal Standard for PHPCodeSniffer. Then symlink the standard to the
standards folder like this:
`sudo ln -s /path/to/coder/coder_sniffer/Drupal $(pear config-get php_dir)/PHP/CodeSniffer/Standards/Drupal`
<description>Teranex Drupal coding standards</description>
<rule ref="Drupal">
<exclude name="Drupal.Array.Array"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Files.LineLength"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Strings.ConcatenationSpacing"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.ControlStructures.ElseCatchNewline"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Commenting.FileComment"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Commenting.InlineComment"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Commenting.FunctionComment"/>
<exclude name="Drupal.Semantics.InstallT"/>
<exclude name="Squiz.Commenting.PostStatementComment" />
<rule ref="Generic.Files.LineLength">
<property name="lineLimit" value="500"/>
<property name="absoluteLineLimit" value="500"/>
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