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What is a gem?

Unpack the mystery behind what's in a RubyGem.

Make your own gem

Start with an idea, end with a distributable package of Ruby code.


Common gem packaging patterns and recommendations for building yours.

Specification Reference

Learn about the data in each gem package and how you can configure it.

Command Reference

In depth coverage of each gem command. API

Interact with publicly available gems over HTTP.

Run your own gem server

Need to serve gems locally or for your organization? Go here.

C Extensions

Learn how to make a gem that interacts with C code.


Great blog posts, tutorials, and other sites to help you out.

Contributing to RubyGems

How you can help make rubygems better.

Frequently Asked Questions

More of the "why" and "wtf" than "how".


This site is open source and its content is Creative Commons licensed.

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