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Simple ctypes bindings for FUSE
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NOTE: This project has moved to be under a GitHub organization and can be found at The project has new maintainers and will be looking to incorporate pull requests in a more timely manner. If you would like to help maintain this package please open a pull request and demonstrate willingness to help (we will leave maintainer criteria up to the current maintainers).

fusepy is a Python module that provides a simple interface to FUSE and MacFUSE. It's just one file and is implemented using ctypes.

The original version of fusepy was hosted on Google Code, but is now officially hosted on GitHub.

fusepy is written in 2x syntax, but trying to pay attention to bytes and other changes 3x would care about.


See some examples of how you can use fusepy:

memory:A simple memory filesystem
loopback:A loopback filesystem
context:Sample usage of fuse_get_context()
sftp:A simple SFTP filesystem (requires paramiko)

To get started download fusepy or just browse the source.

fusepy requires FUSE 2.6 (or later) and runs on:

  • Linux (i386, x86_64, PPC, arm64, MIPS)
  • Mac OS X (Intel, PowerPC)
  • FreeBSD (i386, amd64)
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